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Rise Academy Academics is a unique education management system in which students complete their online education while pursuing their passions, vocations and purpose.

We provide a community environment, education management, real-life enrichment opportunities, and relevant community service. Students will learn about, create, and participate in service projects to enrich themselves and their communities.

Now offering education management  programs to grades 7th through 12th.



We assist students in their enrollment in whatever private online school they choose. One option is ICL Academy, a division of Dwight Global, which provides full-time college prep courses for grades 7-12. Other options include Pearson, George Washington University online, The Governors School, and Stanford Online High School.


The online platform and live classes provide synchronous and asynchronous learning and the best of technology.


With a blended learning approach that incorporates innovations in online school, time management and community service , we connect real-world context to content. 

Education management fees for Option A vary depending upon the private school chosen. We will have a one-time supply fee at the start of school. Students will need to provide their own laptop, ACT/SAT friendly calculator, and headphones.

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Open to students who are already enrolled in a public online program of their choice, with some exceptions. Under this option, we provide the community, academic management support, service and enrichment opportunities. 

Admission requires submission of current transcript and enrollment paperwork. 

Management fees are start at $4,200 and are availabl upon request. Individual school tuition will vary depending upon student's individual program and will be paid by the student. Rise Academy Academics does not manage student's attendance in his or her individual school nor do we provide any school testing required by the State of South Carolina.

We will have a one time supply fee at the start of school. Students will need to provide a laptop, ACT/SAT friendly calculator, and headphones.

Laptop and Phone

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